(CANADA / 2006 / 12:10 / Animated Short Film – Court métrage d’animation)

Without spoken language, MONUMENT follows the adventure of a young boy living within a large scale and imposing environment. He is propelled on a journey that consumes his life but in the end grants him a perspective in which he can find peace (or solace).

“MONUMENT” is a hand drawn animated film written, directed, animated and produced by Alain Delannoy. This independent production was inspired by thematic elements found in the filmmaker’s French Canadian heritage and has proven to be his most challenging and ambitious projects to date. Produced over a span of five years, four thousand handcrafted drawings were created to compose and ultimately complete this twelve minute long film.

Sans dialogue, MONUMENT se situe dans un environnement grandiose et imposant. Le scénario repose sur l’histoire d’un jeune garçon qui part à l’aventure pour enfin trouver malgré lui la paix, la sérénité.

« Monument » est un film d’animation écrit, réalisé, animé et produit par Alain Delannoy. Cette production indépendante s’est inspirée des éléments thématiques présents dans l’héritage franco-canadien du cinéaste. Produit sur une période de cinq ans, le film de 12 minutes est composé de quatre milles dessins créés à la main.

Awards – Prix:

  • Nomination – Best Short Film 
    Montreal World Film Festival (2006), Montreal, Canada
  • Nomination – Golden Sheaf Award, Best Animation
    Yorkton Film Festival (2006), Yorkton, Canada

Screenings – Projections:

  • «Montreal World Film Festival – Official Competition»
    Montreal (2006)
  • «Ann Arbor Film Festival – Official Competition»
    Ann Arbor, USA (2007)
  • «Ann Arbor Film Festival – Best Of Tour»
    USA (2007)
  • «Yorkton Film Festival – Official Competition»
    Yorkton, Sk (2006)
  • «Gimli Film Festival»
    Gimli, Mb (2007)

  • «Canadian Filmmaker’s Film Festival»
    Toronto (2008)
  • «Tromadance Film Festival»
    Utah, USA (2008)
  • «Winnipeg International Film Festival»
    Winnipeg, Mb (2007)
  • «Cinémentale Film Festival»
    Winnipeg, MB (2006)

Alain Delannoy

Alain Delannoy

Alain Delannoy


Alain Delannoy is a Canadian independent animation filmmaker. Born in Winnipeg, Canada, Delannoy studied at the University of Manitoba’s School of Art. He has created several short animated films, which have screened internationally. Currently, Delannoy teaches animation and video production at Université de Saint-Boniface in Manitoba, Canada.

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